Used clothing, video interviews
12 feet x 12 feet x 4 feet

POWER SUIT is a collaborative quilt and documentary video about the relationship between power and the clothes we wear. It is a combination sociological study, journalistic investigation, and art project, in which the artist invites people to explain the significance of their choices in clothing through writing, interviews, and art-making. POWER SUIT demonstrates how our choices in clothing are connected to our sense of agency and our place in the world.

For more information, and to listen to interviews with Power Suit participants, visit

Organizations and events that hosted the project so far include: The Baltimore Museum of Art Textile Day, Hollaback Baltimore, House Of Ruth Maryland, Metro Gallery, MICA PLACE, Paul's Place, Transmodern Festival and Towson Arts Collective.

Special thanks to Lauren Nikolaus, Madeline Peters, Nikiea Redmond and Devon Scarborough for your help interviewing and filiming!

So far over 100 people have participated in Power Suit, including: Alexandria Gates, Amy Peyrot, Andrea Pasco, Ann Langdon, Ashley Hufnagel, Becka Dowding, Brittany Backman, Brienna Brown, Cami McCrief, Chelsea Ragan, Christine Herz, Courtey Wilson, Danisha Harris, Deja Mainor, Deshai Cornish, Devon Scarborough, Diana Zhang, Donna Armolt, Eileen Vernelti, Ellen, Forest Fisher, Gabby Vigo, Georgette Mayers, Grandmother Edna, India Morton, Jane Byers, Joseph Bolter, Josiah Boone, Julia Golinka, Kata Fredrick, Katherine Cessna, Katrina Jones, Kendra Hebel, Kimberly, Kimberly Herz, Kimberly Rice, Kirsten Hollander, Kitt Repass, Laura Hudson, Lauren Nikolaus, Lavontre Ford, Lizzie Johnson, Lydia, Mara Meyers, Madeline Peters, Marissa Burke-Smith, Marquise Weems, Mary, Melissa Esmero, Mildred Stincomb, Nikiea Redmond, Nora Howell, Paula Philips, Quandra Jones, Quanisha Carmichael, Quantiarra Bonaparte, Quentin Gibeau, Ray Bowser, Rayshanda Carroll, Rebecca Dimeo, Rhonda Graham, Ryan Hammond, Sarah Konigsburg, Sarah McWilliams, Sheila Butler, Stacey Thomas, Teshavionna Mitchell, Tonia Poteat, Tysharra Dukes, Tywana Reid, Veronica Wheeler